10 tips on how to repurpose your video content

You have invested a lot of time, effort and money into creating content for your brand. Sometime it is a one off Hero piece of content. Other time a suite of information focused Hub and Help content. That content has been distributed and either worked well for you against the campaign objectives you set. Or it didn’t quite engage and gain the traction you had hoped. So does that mean you have to start again and reinvent the wheel? Not necessarily. Clearhead’s Chief Creative Officer Alex Lawrence shares his 10 tips on how to repurpose your video content.

There is an opportunity here to utilise the content you already have and repurpose it for a new campaign. To provide new information, promote a new service or reach a newly specific audience segment. Harnessing the power of the original material with a fresh perspective and some experienced creativity can work wonders for your brand and audience.

  1. Creating a trailer will grab your audiences attention and push them to your longer content. Review and select the most eye catching and powerful parts of your video, combine them and apply some creative polish.
  2. Cutting down your content into several shorter videos will maximise the value of your existing content. Breaking up longer videos into more digestible chunks which you can schedule and distribute over longer a period of time. Creating continual engagement with your audience.
  3. Redefining your videos call to action for specific targeting will ensure you continue to send your audience to your website, product page, sign up page or youtube channel. These call to actions can be reflective of the time of year, topical conversations of the prevalent needs of your audience.
  4. Add tex to your film. Most of the content on social channels is watched without sound. To ensure your key messages and audible content is still communicated ad captions, subtitles and integrated text to explain what is happening.
  5. Integrating fresh stock footage to your existing interviews can spruce up your content. Reinforce what is being said and support the narrative of the film. Easy to access and cost effective.
  6. Adding visual effects to your film can create energy and present your video in an entirely new way. These can be simple 2D illustrations to fully integrated animated effects.
  7. Scripting and recording a brand new voice over can completely change the purpose of your footage. Accessing a voice over artist who can work remotely or within a studio to read a fresh script created to meet the needs of your objectives.
  8. Add new music and sound effects can transform the emotive impact of your existing content. Relative to your emotional sentiment, sourcing a specific track can change the mood, energy and feel of any video.
  9. After completing your video the formatting of it is critical to making sure it works well across all social media. Each platform requires different formats and crops sizes that will need adjustments made to visuals and copy.
  10. Now it’s time to reach your audience. Having a distribution strategy and plan is important for reaching the right people at the right time. You can then review how your videos are performing and adapt the channels you are using as you go.

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