4 key trends this year in content creation

If 2018 saw a big shift in content creation, budgets and what is expected then 2019 may be the seminal year to beat all years. Times are changing but that doesn’t mean there is any less budget, or in many ways creativity. Content now doesn’t stop, it takes on a mind of its own and brands need to be quick to ride that crest of the wave to squeeze as much life out of it as possible. We’ve always been good at being able to predict the future these are 4 things to think about as we move forward through this year.

1. Budget = More Deliverables

The traditional advertising model of large retainers, for ‘one-off’ pieces of content, is slowly changing and this will be the year it will be revolutionised.

Bin Lehman terms what has happened is a brand would have an agency on a retainer budget for a campaign and out of that overall money a TV ad would be budgeted alongside media spend. So say £300,000 for a one-off TV ad, all singing, all dancing. However, the only issue with that these days is so much can happen in that year and planning that far ahead and putting all your eggs in one basket can be risky. So going forwards that £300,000 will still be there however we expect that rather than a one-off TV ad, brands will expect 4 TV ads, with a huge number of content ‘touchpoints’ across targeted social media platforms, which have a look and feel of the overarching campaign but will target different areas. So there could be 100 different edits budgeted in that £300,000 (10×30 second for Facebook, 10×15 second for YouTube preroll etc). This not only allows to hit a more targeted measure of customers but also allows a more fluid and organic approach to how the advertising is consumed.

2. High-quality content within reach for more brands

Gone are the days of just the fortune 500 companies were the only ones who can have high-quality content. Most brands are now within reach of showing off their product/service to a mass audience, through film and animation. We always get asked the question, is there not loads of competition in what we do now? The answer is a resounding no because the number of businesses have quadrupled in the UK alone in the past 15-20 years and the content market still has a huge way to go before being ‘mature’.

Obviously, there used to be the ‘corporate’ market and the ‘advertising’ market. One maybe snobbier to the other. That is all merging together now with nimble high-quality content agencies like ourselves helping to ignite conversations. I will keep on reiterating the ‘quality’ aspect as that is the thing that is closest to our heart.

3. Different pricing models

We haven’t got all the answers but we definitely see pricing models being changed to be somewhere between a retainer agency model and a one-off model. With so much content needed (maybe even a fresh piece of film/animation content needed every other day) both pricing models above will become obsolete in its current form.

Ensuring a good mix of quality, efficiency in turnaround and data-driven results is going to prove to be the successful model that will be priced appropriately.

What do you think will be the most successful pricing model in 2019 and beyond?

4. Refocus on creative ideas that ‘stand out’

Finally ‘creativity’ will once again come to the forefront! With so much noise out there, just doing content for contents sake will be a waste of ROI. Original creative ideas that evoke the desired feeling (funny, emotional, informative) will be at the very core of all the ideas that are the most successful in 2019.

Valuing that creativity will also be key, which is what the advertising industry has always done amazingly well but the ‘corporate’ industry hasn’t. We need to all believe that anything is possible with creativity and strive for the very best creative ideas to come out of this new reclassification of what content means. In some ways them ‘creative ideas’ are the lifeblood of content moving forwards and allowing that to come to fruition is going to be important. Equally importantly using the producers who have pulled off some of advertising’s biggest adverts is going to be key because there isn’t any point in having a great creative idea if it can’t be executed to the highest degree.

The opportunity for brands to get involved with the creation is also a big trend in 2019, as more marketing and communications staff have creative sparks themselves. By involving them directly in the process at the beginning allows for that chemistry that will then make the production and delivery of the project to be much smoother than it ever has before.


By Gavin O’Brien