5 reasons why animation goes beyond film

You would have heard us talk about content and what the amazing possibilities it creates (see previous blog posts and videos). We have said how it will be the ‘website discussion’ of the future i.e 10 years ago clients asked why they needed a website. However we haven’t spoken about how much further animation can take you.

Animation opens up a whole world of possibilities that you might not have heard or known of before.

1. You can go anywhere in the world

When we say the whole world that is literally as well as metaphorical. If you want to show you’ve an office in China as well Indonesia and haven’t got the budget to fly a film crew out there, then we can, in 5 seconds, show that conceptually through a few images.

2. Verbose information shown succinctly

Often we have pages of information that clients want to get across in a film. A lot of the time, the ‘go-to’ is through a talking head (which has its merits but can quickly become repetitive). The beautiful thing about animation is you can actually get across all this information, through icons, clever scripting and lots of creativity. To make sure that it is both watchable and understandable.

3. You can pick your character style

It can be more difficult to have your own clearly distinctive style when it comes to filming. We film beautiful and creative content but wouldn’t necessarily change the tone and style, in accordance with an individual brand. As a beautiful film, is a beautiful film. However with animation you can pick your very own style. That is when it comes to characters, colours, movement, music, sound design, and text. This is something that once you have the upfront investment can mean it is more cost effective for you in subsequent animations.

4. Humour

Now humour in film can be very tricky. You need a tight script but most importantly you need a great actor or two. That can come at quite a cost as you tread a fine line between funny and cheesy. However, with animation, it can be much easier, see what we produced for The Houses of Parliament

5. No organisation needed

Apart from assets, when it comes to organising filming locations, people and scenes none of that is needed with animation. So in a lot of ways it takes some of the additional stress out of the production for you.

So next time you think about content, give animation a thought and see how far it can go.


By Gavin O’Brien