6 Video Marketing Tips for Leisure and Tourism

Video Marketing Tips for Leisure and Tourism. As your content creation agency we want to help you craft a film not just about the list of a must-do highlights; we want to recreate the emotions and feelings to help consumers build deeper connections with the people and places in your destinations.

Social activity

Recommendation is the best type of advertising. The ultimate seal of approval is having someone, who has chosen to digitally share their experience with their network of friends and family. This brings nothing but regular, positive and authentic perspective of what can be experienced at a holiday destination. If one of your marketing objectives is to boost user generated content or to encourage visitors, try using a new hashtag to create a trend over the summer period. A social film could be a good investment – it not only can be used on social platforms but it can be also implemented into other areas of your marketing strategy.

Authenticity and unique in experience

You shouldn’t have to fabricate what is different about your holiday destination. By having an informed idea of what your customers enjoy and experience during their stay is the best fuel for creative inspiration. Through this, we are able to conceptualise a film promoting the experiences enjoyed by your customers, making the ultimate holiday escape. Don’t worry if you are not sure in how to visually represent this. This is something that our creative team can help with. By collaborating together we want to listen to your objectives and ideas towards the creative approach.

Understanding the leisure and tourism marketing

Looking ahead into 2018 Clearhead are aware that there has been a dramatic growth in online purchase of holiday breaks across different devices. Meaning that you need content with the flexibility to present well from a desktop to mobile devices. We also understand that your customer conversion journey is a lot longer than other product sales and we would like to help support personalising the pathway from potential customer to purchaser.

The message in the creative approach

To kickstart the projects we invite our clients to Creative Chemistry meeting. This is when we collaboratively create a concept that is inspiring and authentic to your locations experience. We are able to recreate point-of-view (POV), 360 degree, interactive output, animation, motion graphics and much much more. Most importantly, we make sure the message you are trying to communicate is clear from concept and scripting to visuals.

What else can be gain out of a film making opportunity

By thinking strategically about your production it is possible to gain extra content out of this opportunity. Whether it would be professional photos that can be used to further your social media campaign or for billboards. You also might want different social media edits to communicate different narrative.

Have fun

You may have made film content before and know that the process of making a film is surely robust, but more importantly, fun. The leisure and tourism sector has so much to offer in terms of visual inspiration and travel, therefore you also may want to capture that in the making of it. Have you thought about behind-the-scenes? Being open and transparent about how the film came to life can turn into a story in itself. The next person booking a vacation with you will appreciate it.

We hope you found value in our 6 Video Marketing Tips for Leisure and Tourism. If you are looking for support with your content marketing, video production or digital strategy we would love to hear from you.