8 video marketing tips for tech scale ups

Clearhead have a passion for collaborating with and producing content for Technology start up and scale up business. If you are in the early stages of your tech startup and are searching for advise to consider. We have produced 8 video marketing tips for tech scale ups.

Distribution options

Think about your output first and where you want it to be seen. Cinema and TV are cheaper and more incisive than ever with provable stats. But socially we also have more opportunities and specific specs that are needed/available. Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Also think about your audience and who you want to reach with specific content. 

You can’t please everyone, but you do need to think about your core audience

In the most ideal situation you would like your content to speak everyone, but all customers are unique and have different needs and aims. What might be a good consideration is different characters with different scenarios, which can be featured in an overall film. These narratives can then be separated showing your different types of service user. This makes your content versatile and more likely to speak to more than just your primary audience. It is good practice to think about your primary audience first and how they spend their time, which will indicate where you distribute your content.

Think about your technique you want to use

We are only a month into the year and we are already seeing a huge growth in experiential marketing. You could have a point-of-view (POV) shoot, you could have a 360 degree film, interactive output, animation, motion graphics and much much more. Think about how your content can go further.

More edits

We want you to have the flexibility for your content to be as valuable as you can. As previously mentioned above there might be a purpose for different edits. You might need an initial 90 second film that announces some of your product/services great features along with a CTA. There is a potential to have short explainer films on how to use the service or a film that educates to your audience who are further on in using your service. The examples explained are what we call Hero, Help and Hub Content.

With the examples given it doesn’t mean that you have to have all of these films. It’s about getting the right balance in what you need to get your message across in the best way.

Getting the right balance

At Clearhead we love big creative and we will always push ourselves to create a concept that will creatively spotlight the great features of your product, but we do understand that sometimes the simplest of ideas are the most effective. Especially for a new technology scale up as potential investor is looking for clarity this is a consideration that must be included if you are thinking more creatively.

Keep it simple

However even though it’s conceptual, just like your idea, it needs to be a simple idea executed with precision. That’s what has helped you to get your idea through different rounds of funding and that’s what will help you in future rounds. We want that content to be complimentary so we will propose taking out a lot of the complexities. Your web page includes the info that is detailed, remember your content is a way to motivate your customer the decision making process resulting.

Think about tech influencers

Another big trend in 2018 is going to be influencers who could potentially take part in your film content. Selecting influencers that are potentially followed by your target audience can result in drawing in the audience that you desire to speak to.

Be true to your brand

In the creative chemistry the team at Clearhead listen to you and learn about your brands style and voice. Our aim is to create a versatile film that represents the brand and its message well. Transparency, openness and a soft sell. Don’t go hard sell if you don’t have to (especially in the UK). The reason your scale up is so successful is because you kept true to its values. We want to be an extension of that!