Agency during a pandemic, we are still open for business

How we have had to evolve over the past year as an agency during a pandemic makes us a better partner for our clients. 2020 has been a very challenging, yet stimulating year for many businesses, but the lessons we have learned will ensure stability for the future. Having adapted to meet their changing priorities and keeping them at the heart of all developments throughout 2020.

One month into the role as Managing Director for Clearhead I was thrown into crisis management, with many projects canceled due to the lockdown, adjusting to working from home, and ensuring we were able to protect our team.  

The Finances

My first responsibility was to ensure our financials were as robust as possible to survive the uncertain months ahead and protect our staff and their roles in the business.  Our approach included:

  • Contingency planning from worst to the best scenario
  • Reduction in non-essential costs
  • Reassuring suppliers
  • Negotiating reduced rates 
  • Implementing the furlough scheme
  • Daily Cash-flow updates

The Team

I could not be prouder of the resilience of our team.  Whether they were furloughed for long periods or part of the core team that kept the company running throughout lockdown they have displayed loyalty, gratitude, and a positive attitude throughout the year.  The unity created working through COVID-19 will be an important element in our future.

Jenna Jones Clearhead Producer

Supporting our clients

Whether a University, Startup, or a large well-established company, all of our clients have been presented with new challenges over this last year.  Marketing budgets have been reduced, but we have seen an increase in the demand for content – now more than ever businesses are using online content to reach their audiences.  By staying in touch and listening to our client’s unique problems to solve we were able to adapt and develop solutions, which worked within the new constraints.  We worked fast to adapt our services to support our clients in specialist areas such as animation and virtual events.  E-Learning content also became a key requirement, ensuring audiences have the ability to learn and develop throughout the year, with many education institutions relying on their ability to provide online learning material.

Staying in touch

Throughout this year, alongside other businesses, we had a new appreciation for social media and developed a robust strategy to ensure we were communicating regularly with key areas.  We hosted 5 webinars to ensure we contributed to the development and evolution of our partners throughout the year, sharing our expertise from holding a successful virtual event to having a successful creative development meeting.

The Future

We are extremely grateful to our staff and clients for the support we have received over the last year, and we have a re-energized belief, that it is all about the people.

Over the next year, we will look to create opportunities at Clearhead for people to join our team, we will re-start our work experience program, ensuring we are offering young talent the opportunity to gain experience in the industry.  And we will continuously provide innovative solutions to our clients.

Remote working is now part of our DNA, and we will continue to offer our staff options, ensuring a better life/work balance. During Covid-19 we were forced to examine in detail whether our systems and processes are fit for purpose, and we have dedicated time to ensure, they now are.  Having the time to research thoroughly all options has been an opportunity from 2020 we have grabbed with both hands.

Clearhead is passionate about creating content and we are lucky enough to be in an industry with an ever-growing appetite and need.  This year, this has only increased the demand for engaging, authentic online content and it is the most successful way to tell your brand story and to engage with your audience.  We know our purpose and are excited to develop our partnerships and create new relationships, becoming a trusted supplier to our clients.

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