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Content without limits.

With animation anything is possible. As Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it". At Clearhead we love working with you, your ideas, and our collective imagination to create new worlds that bring your brand to life. Limitless possibilities mixed with our super talented in-house team results in crafted animations that spark chemistry.
Working with us we become an extension of you, your team and your brand, living and breathing your values and purpose that get's us close to your audience so that we can touch them with stories they will value and remember.
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Content without limits.

Logistically, animation video production requires reduced resources. The footprint and cost required to travel and film individuals, locations, and scenarios is avoided with the option to produce an animation. Making this a great choice if you are struggling with internal resources and time to arrange participants for interviews and locations for filming.


Experience & Quality.

Ensuring you are well cared for as an extension of your team. You can be assured you will have consistency in the team you will be working with, being managed through creative storyboarding, defined timelines, and with edit versions being provided for review during our production process through our project management system. Our team has been built to provide the very best experience and quality of creative service possible. As well as organised to ensure the resource is flexible and available at any time regardless of how many projects we are working on.


3D animation.

3D animation is impressive, immersive, beautiful and visually impactful. Perfect for showcasing a brand new product of flying through a virtual world. From pushchairs to airports and holiday resorts, our in-house team has the skills and tools to showcase and impress, taking your film and animation content to a whole new level.


Explainer Animation.

Animation video production is tangible and makes communication simpler and easier to understand. With scripts crafted to communicate with precision to an audience, there is a reduced risk of the core messaging being compromised. Animation is perfect for explainers entertaining and educating your audience, bringing messages, facts, and figures to life through beautifully illustrated and animated visuals.


Motion graphics.

Animation is limitless through the ability to craft bespoke visuals bound only by imagination. Building a bespoke style for your brand that will help you grow. You may have limitations on what you can film and capture. Your product doesn't exist. Your story is conceptual in nature and isn't pragmatic to film. Or a stronger narrative may be communicated by integrating key messages, facts, and figures. Motion graphic animation removes those barriers, creating the freedom that can be translated into powerful and engaging explainer videos.

"To not only produce an animation to tell a powerful and much-needed story for us, but to also make it award-winning is truly unbelievable from the team."

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