African Leadership University Student recruitment campaign.

The Challenge.

Crafting a compelling student recruitment campaign for the African Leadership University (ALU) presented a unique set of challenges. Our primary hurdle was to engage both prospective students and their parents effectively. In a landscape where traditional educational institutions dominate, we needed to capture the attention of aspirant middle-class parents seeking alternative educational paths for their children while simultaneously inspiring students passionate about making a difference in their communities. The challenge lay in bridging this gap and aligning their aspirations with ALU's distinctive offerings.
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The Solution.

To overcome this challenge, we embarked on a creative journey that blended impactful storytelling with emotionally resonant visuals. Our films, one targeting students and the other parents, were meticulously crafted to highlight ALU's unique features, such as its immersive learning-by-doing approach, real-world internships, and valuable connections with industry professionals. By anchoring the narratives in ALU's mission to develop ethical entrepreneurial leaders who drive positive change in Africa, we aimed to convey the importance of impact and the power of the ALU community. Our solution strategically positioned ALU as a trailblazer in redefining higher education in Africa.  
Furthermore, our campaign sought to inspire action on two fronts. Firstly, by effectively communicating ALU's unparalleled value proposition, we aimed to instill confidence in parents, motivating them to invest in their children's education at ALU. Simultaneously, the films were designed to resonate with students, inviting them to join a one-of-a-kind community and be part of a movement shaping the future of education in Africa. The objective was clear: to leave a lasting impression, influence decision-making, and ultimately drive recruitment and enrolment at ALU. Through creative storytelling and strategic messaging, we turned the challenge into an opportunity to make a significant impact on ALU's growth and success.
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"The opportunity was to create films that feel individually authentic and appropriate for prospective students, but when grouped together also express a concise brand message that reaches further than their locations. Films about positve change, hope and opportunity!"