Airxchange Digital transformation

The Challenge

Airxchange has a mission and that is to design and manufacture next-generation energy recovery products that perform reliably for the life of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). The challenge was simple, the old website looked very tired and old. It was over 10 years old and didn’t serve its purpose.

Even though the US, Boston-based company didn’t sell directly to consumers, instead selling mainly B2B, they did want to have a website that could pick up passive interest and also allow them to become the best-branded HVAC company in the United States. They also wanted to get ready to try and break more heavily into the European market. With this new website, a new brand identity was needed, taking on motifs from the current identity but modernising it ready for a successful future.

The Solution

Clearhead visited Boston, Massachusetts and the Airxchange headquarters. Touring the incredible facility and production line as well as embedding with the company leadership. Immersing ourselves within the company culture and mission as well as building our foundation of insight into the companies customer demographic, we returned to the UK as an extension of the Airxchange team to undertake this digital transformation.

"The project has transformed our ability to reach our clients and given us the foundations to surpass all our targets. Thank you Clearhead, it was a fantastic project."

The Brand Guidelines.

The first steps on the solution was to develop a new identity ready to kickstart the brand. We always like to ensure that we have a few options and within them options ensure there are a few ‘safer’ options and then one or two wildcards. This then allows the client to be fully happy that they are picking the right way forwards. The way we ended up with the logo is after wanting to push to a more extreme difference, a simple re-imagination was all that was needed and worked extremely well.

Like most companies that we come across, brand guidelines aren’t normally the first element that companies think off. However, Airxchange really could see the benefit and this allowed us to develop the unique style of the fonts, stationary, photography and colours. Creating a uniformed approach would allow the brand to really be able to be used to the maximum.

The Website.

The website was developed through WordPress. We however wanted to really push and test the limits of what was possible with a bespoke approach. Creating ‘modules’ which fit seamlessly between each section, created a really strong dynamic atheistic. Concentrating on large header images brought a freshness and with some nice 3d animations which allowed you to look through the segments, boxes and products helped to complete the forward thinking website. The most complicated element was to take the database from the old website (over 10 years old) and bring it bang up to date.

We brought in external support to allow us to code through SQL to redo the database and make it easy for anyone on the site to find specifications from product codes. Finally, we decided to make the blog elements easy to add and integrate and this allowed for hundreds of previous posts to be brought into line with the new brand and then be added to into the future.