Aspire Higher A new home for University partnership.

The Challenge.

Aspire Higher (a consortium under the NCOP & UniConnect banner) entrusted a long-term relationship with Clearhead and their brand. The consortium was formed as a combination of the University of Northampton, University of Bedfordshire & University of Hertfordshire. With physical constraints in place due to the 2020 pandemic, Aspire Higher wanted to have a way to interact with Year 13s and needed an innovative approach to connecting with them and creating a place to do so. Through our Creative Chemistry workshop and consultation, we established a strategy to re-launch the brand and create a new home for students to access Aspire Higher's valuable resources.

The Solution.

Our approach needed to be innovative, efficient, and engaging. Our solution? We created a home. With a new website, and focus on live event engagement, we evolved their traditional "in-person" events approach to an online one. Live virtual online events, live chat engagement management, combed with strong branding, interesting and informative animation, and key presentations from a wealth of different thought-leaders.

Our approach had to find the right balance between, technical, safeguarding, providing information, and creating an online legacy.


Stakeholder engagement.

From our experience, we believe that there should be a prioritised focus on engagement and consultations. Engagement and participation are essential to the success of the brand (and ensuring the project achieves its long-term goals). While brand guidelines may help establish some rules around how the brand will work, consultation is what fundamentally helps make it come to life in practice.


Brand transformation.

Brand identity is not just there to look good. For us, it is to enable the team at Aspire Higher to engage their audience with confidence, consistency, and pride. An identity they believe represents their unified purpose and values. From logo design to website development. Each event given its own unique experience that is consistent with the AH brand identity.


Brand home.

Setting up legacy ‘virtual event’ websites established continued impact for the valuable event content that was created. This allowed continued engagement and interaction, signposting the audience correctly and made sure the ROI was measured and achieved the projects goals.


Repurposing Content.

Reacting to the 2020 pandemic we pivoted to repurpose existing content for our first projects within this brand transformation. We audited and edited existing assets, creating new idents and graphical elements to launch the new brand identity and ensure "all" content has a uniform approach. Repurposed content proved to be effective in cost saving, increasing engagement, and ensuring Aspire Higher's impact continued to grow.


Fresh new content.

Whilst maximizing exciting content and repurposing it for the new Aspire Higher brand, new content was needed to really launch it, and make it look professional, engaging, and entertaining to make a great first impression on prospective students and their parents. We have since developed a suite of animation, and brand animation elements to feature across all websites, projects, and marketing. Some of which can be viewed on this page.



YouTube is the delivery platform of our choice. Not only from a reliability perspective, but Youtube also supported our accessibility needs and engagement KPIs with the target audience engaging through YouTube live chat for our Q&A events. This engagement data has enabled the team to review and learn about the content produced and adapt the strategy for future events.

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"The Clearhead team did a fantastic job developing our new home online during COVID-19 so that we could engage our audience. We feel proud and confident to engage with our brand and it has helped all three Universities become one as Aspire Higher."
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