Mental Health Wellbeing Animation Aspire Higher E-Learning

The Challenge

Creating a Mental Health Wellbeing Animation. The Squeeze; The act of applying pressure, contracting. The way we can feel when stressed, overwhelmed. A meaning, a feeling that we can clearly associate with mental wellbeing. However, it can also imply to be loved, pressed gently, affection being given. But that’s about perspective and attitude towards stress and pressure.

The animation follows the journey of a stress ball and its day in the life of emotions, ups and downs, and the challenges the ball faces reflective of that of its owner. The thing is, the squeeze never goes. We always will face stress, pressure, hurt but we can learn to accept it as part of life, learn how to manage it, and embrace it. The narrative follows the guidelines of the NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing. As the stress ball experiences and learns from our narrator about how to manage stress, they learn how to manage their own and further to that help to heal others (those applying the pressure). By learning of its own self-worth, sense of belonging, and building of closer relationships. Transforming from a sponge of stress to a ball of positive support and relief.

We Delivered

- Shot list creation.

- Production Management and communication.

- Storyboard creation

- Bespoke illustration

- 2D animation

- Voice over scripting and recording

- In-House offline post-production and client reviews.

The Solution

The aim of this animation was to focus on the core character as we journey with them on their experiences, therefore we wanted our animation to be clean of complexity that will distract from the heart of the film. The emotion we can capture from our protagonist. As we establish the emotional wellbeing of our protagonist we grounded them within physical spaces that can help represent the family home of the user (office desk, dinner table, sofa, shelf). 

We utilized the grounding of these physical spaces to also help represent well-being scenarios for the stress ball such as the garden for exercise and fresh air, the sofa for disconnecting from electronic devices, and so on. The stress ball itself was designed to be a vibrant color, however, we saturated and desaturated the color alongside the emotional journey from negative to positive.


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