Athabasca University University recruitment campaign.

The Challenge.

Athabasca University Canada TV campaign. The University commissioned Clearhead to produce the campaign for the celebration of their 50 years anniversary by sharing the value of AU’s unique digital-first approach to post-secondary learning, which allows students to study anytime, anywhere. This was achieved through a multi-channel approach launched the Athabasca University TV campaign and propagating through to a breathtaking social media campaign.

After watching the hero campaign, the key next steps were to book an appointment with one of their counselors to get started on their own journey. Refer someone they know who may be contemplating post-secondary learning to AU.anywhere, without leaving their job or traveling away from their family and community support.

Overall the objective was to leave prospective students with the feeling that post-secondary study is possible - AU is open and accessible for them.

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The Solution.

Athabasca University Entrusted Clearhead with their TV campaign having seen the incredible education work that we have created over the past 10 years. Covering large location shoots in both Athabasca Canada, London and Bedfordshire in the UK we set out to create an awe-inspiring and aspirational piece of film. The aim was to create an engaging and emotive film to tell the AU story and inspire potential students to feel optimistic about their future.
Whilst relationships can be amazing, they are also delicate things. They can be short-lived, a bridge to another time in your life, and dependent on a million things. Add in distance as a factor to any relationship and things get even more interesting, but if done right… a long-distance relationship can help you achieve your wildest dreams. In the film, we present the similarities between long-distance relationships and long-distance studying. Finished with a delicate soundtrack, sound design, and voice-over. We added to the imagery and immersed the international audience with beautifully shot visuals.
"Thank you for helping through the project and making the budget look as good as anyone could have ever hoped. Your company has got great talent, brilliant at listening and translating to something magical."