Barnet Council - Child Protection Conference Film & AR Experience

The Challenge

Barnet Council asked us to produce an animation that could explain to children on their level about what happens at a child protection conference.

A Child Protection Conference is a meeting where a family and professionals meet to share information and discuss concerns about a child or young person because they have either been subject to some form of harm or abuse, or are at risk of it.

Barnet Council also wanted a way to engage and enhance the experience for the viewers of the video to make the experience memorable and pleasant for them.

Our opportunity was not only to make a high-quality film (which we have lots of experience and success in doing), but to do something you don’t often see with other campaigns and for us to try something we haven’t done before, expanding our capabilities and offerings in the process.

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The Solution

The viewer would be guided to a mobile website which would quickly direct them to a custom-made AR experience that would be available on both iOS and Android phones.

We built a facsimile of the bedroom from the following film that included the featured storybook floating in the environment, prompting the viewer to explore the 3D scene (developed, modelled and animated all in-house) in their own space and then continue on to watch the film…

Using a unique, pop-up book approach, the film conveys difficult messaging in an approachable and engaging way without ever making light of the source material or becoming too whimsical.

An unforgettable experience, that sticks with the viewer longer than if they had just watched a video and put their phone away.

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"The children told us that they did not understand what a child protection conference was, causing anxiety when they were invited to participate. We wanted a way for our professionals to increase their understanding in a child-centred way. The topline creative ideas Clearhead provided gave us a strong starting point, the intense collaborative process resulted in animations we are so proud of. The ideas and feedback from children and families has been central to the final product (e.g. the augmentation, graphics, and scripting) and Clearhead incorporated all feedback so responsively."