Barnfield College Student recruitment campaign.

The Challenge.

In the pursuit of attracting a vibrant 15 - 16 year old audience to Barnfield College, our challenge lay in creating a compelling narrative that showcased the College as more than an institution—it needed to be portrayed as a dynamic, safe, and inclusive destination. Our task was to utilise evocative and visually impactful filmmaking, coupled with strategic storytelling, to captivate the audience's imagination and inspire them to envision themselves as part of the Barnfield community.

To meet this challenge head-on, we embarked on a journey of immersive storytelling that spanned a 90-second hero film, accompanied by shorter social films. The objective was clear: to immerse our audience in the Barnfield experience, allowing them to visualise themselves living, studying, and embracing life within the College.
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The Solution.

Drawing upon the colleges brand messaging, we crafted three top-line creative ideas, ultimately zeroing in on Option A for further exploration. This decision laid the foundation for a campaign film that would not only attract and engaged prospective students and parents but also generate conversation and virality.

At the forefront of our campaign was the stunning backdrop of the new Barnfield College campus building—an architectural marvel symbolising a fresh start and modernity while rooted in the enduring values that define Barnfield. This narrative pivot effectively conveyed the College's commitment to meeting the demands of the contemporary job market while upholding its timeless values.

Our vision for the prospective students was articulated through the lens of the new campus—a place where they could build the early stages of their future and career, push the boundaries of their capabilities, experience breakthrough moments, embark on new adventures, and create lasting memories with like-minded peers.
Practicality met creativity as our in-house crew executed the plan across two days on-site at the new Barnfield College. The focus was not only on capturing state-of-the-art facilities but also on showcasing actual students engaged in courses such as Digital Gaming/VR/Computing, Healthcare & Science, Modern Construction, and Creative Industries. This authenticity extended beyond teaching facilities to encompass social spaces, teacher support, and the holistic day-to-day Barnfield experience.

In navigating this challenge, our strategic approach and immersive storytelling resulted in a campaign film that not only met but exceeded the objectives—bold, disruptive, engaging, and resonating profoundly with the audience's values, inspiring excitement about their potential futures at Barnfield College.
"In bringing the Barnfield College campaign to life, it wasn't just a project but a project that we crafted in every frame. Guided by Creative Chemistry™, the campaign meant more than attracting students; it was to experience the genuine spirit of Barnfield as a place where possibilities come alive, and dreams find a home."