BBC Bitesize Higher Physics.

The Challenge.

BBC Scotland commissioned Clearhead as the production company to produce a suite of content for BBC Bitesize Higher Physics. Studying Higher Physics in Scotland is hard… it's that step in the curriculum that bridges the gap between the Science everyone is exposed to in school and the next level concepts. That gear change is a challenge for even the sharpest minds… and some concepts will be trickier than others to grasp. BBC Scotland wanted to help with that challenge.
A series of films was commissioned with the aim of taking these ‘problem topics’ and presenting them in an accessible, understandable way for those who might be struggling with the content.
As with any good quality learning content, the goal was clear, concise content with good quality learning outcomes but these were things that were theoretical… rarely visualised in motion (and for good reason). BBC Scotland needed a presentation style that would deliver results and appeal to the core audience… Clearhead was happy to help.
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The Solution.

The challenge of presenting atomic concepts starts with visualisation. This isn’t something you can simply film and that was the first creative challenge to address.In our search for a presentation format that would be dynamic and engaging for the age group, we identified the idea of holograms as an exciting direction. Popularised by contemporary pop culture (specifically, the MCU) the idea of a hologram table was something that would engage our audience and allow us to present the subject matter in a dynamic, accurate way. We chose a minimalist art direction in an attempt to create content that didn’t distract from detail. These concepts were proving a challenge anyway, so the cleaner the presentation, the better.
"This was a really interesting suite of films to work on. We wanted to make famously difficult concepts in the Scottish Higher Physics curriculum very clear to the learners. As a result, we were trying to represent some theories in motion that haven't really been attempted before. That's obviously an incredibly challenging process but, ultimately (with the support of some amazing physics consultants) hugely rewarding from a creative perspective."