Bedford College Group Student recruitment film.

The Challenge.

Bedford College has been a long-standing partner with Clearhead. Having worked together on content and campaigns since 2010. A proud partner, we were inspired when the team reached out to discuss the creation of this year's student recruitment campaign. This campaign film is focused on the core message of promoting and celebrating individuality, inclusivity, and personal acceptance. To drive awareness towards a social commentary on self-identification, social judgment, and mental health. The film calls focus to the opportunity of an empowering college community, environment and relationships so that an individual can discover who they want to become and what and who is needed within their lives to make it happen. The message is to be big and brave. A campaign that powerfully resonates with potential students, existing students, parents, and general society. A college with a BIG idea!
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The Solution.

"Free to be me" is a film driven by a powerful spoken-word script. At its heart, a message on self-belief, value, and individuality.

Student recruitment can be full of cliches and blanket messaging. It may sound relevant and caring, but is it authentic and pragmatic. Through our creative development with the college group, we want to be able to deliver a message that the college not only believed but could. Understanding how the ethos of the college runs through students and staff alike is practiced every day within the college and environment and beyond.

We felt confident the college could back up its message. Inclusivity, diversity, acceptance, and support enable you to be free to be who you are or want to become.

We aimed to communicate an environment and atmosphere of support and encouragement. Where what matters most is deeper than facilities and accreditations. Where students and staff alike are valued and supported so they can discover, define their beliefs, hopes, and abilities.

The film has been well received internally by staff and students alike with fantastic feedback. Produced for use online and VOD distribution.

This project was both challenging and exciting to work on. Having such a diverse range of actors who required certain skills for their roles (climber, dancer etc) meant the casting process was a little more intricate than previous projects. Sourcing the house location was the most difficult, as to make the most of our shoot time we had to find a house that lended itself to a variety of scenes. Filming at 7 locations over 3 days provided its only challenges, but with a tight crew and great cast it all came together perfectly."
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