Bedfordshire Police Against Violence and Exploitation.

The Challenge.

The objective of this Bedfordshire Police Crime Animation was to communicate the impact organized crime has on vulnerable people across Bedfordshire. Drug addicts, the homeless, sex workers, and young people. All of whom can be exploited and damaged directly by organized crime. The aim was to increase awareness of this and create a call to action so that everyone can have a positive impact in tackling organized crime and protecting victims. ‘Tackling organized crime in Bedfordshire is everyone’s business. The challenge is that this problem for many is passively accepted and allowed to happen because of the lack of a direct impact on themselves. With anything like this, creating an emotive connection between the audience and those in need of help and support is key to triggering empathy and action.
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The Solution.

The solution we proposed was to create a two-minute animation telling to intertwining narratives of exploitative crime and how they are interlinked in order to highlight ways victims can be protected. We followed the story of a teenage boy, a homeless man, a teenage girl, immigrant workers and an eldery woman. All victims of violence and / or exploitation. Our solution was simple, streamlined, and easy to understand. Connecting the audience to the subject matter and enticing an emotive connection that infects them with a desire to empathize and support victims and Bedfordshire Police.
"We hope our collaboration with Bedfordshire Police will help to raise awareness and support for this pioneering project through the power of this animation and message."