BiaB Bridging Gaps in Breathlessness Diagnosis

The Challenge.

In general practice, identifying the underlying causes of breathing problems, especially when multiple conditions coexist, poses a significant challenge. The timely diagnosis of conditions like COPD and heart failure is crucial for effective treatment, yet gaps in the diagnostic process persist. The General Practitioners Research Institute (GPRI) recognised this challenge and sought to address it through an innovative solution: Breathlessness diagnostics in a Box (BiaB).
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The Solution.

To convey BiaB's value and benefits to healthcare providers, GPRI adopted a multimedia storytelling approach, crafting a promotional film and documentary.

The promotional film visually narrates the BiaB procedure, showcasing its simplicity and efficiency. It emphasizes how BiaB empowers general practitioners to make accurate and timely diagnoses, connecting emotionally with the broader impact on patient outcomes.

The documentary unveils the collaborative journey behind BiaB's development, featuring insights from experts in general practice, pulmonology, and cardiology. By showcasing dedication and expertise, the documentary builds trust in the device and reinforces its value in clinical practice.
The storytelling effectively communicates BiaB's transformative impact on breathlessness diagnosis. General practitioners witness not only the technical capabilities but also the human-centric approach, fostering confidence and trust in integrating BiaB into their diagnostic toolkit.

GPRI's BiaB project exemplifies how innovative solutions, coupled with emotive storytelling, bridge diagnostic gaps in healthcare. By communicating value and benefits through a promotional film and documentary, GPRI ensures healthcare providers understand the technical aspects of BiaB and feel connected to its purpose. BiaB's integration into general practice heralds a new era in breathlessness diagnosis, emphasising the power of collaboration, technology, and compassionate healthcare delivery. Witness BiaB reshape the landscape, empowering healthcare providers and improving patient outcomes.
"Through compelling storytelling, we've not just conveyed the BiaB's capabilities; we've crafted a connection. This narrative transcends, empowering healthcare providers and reshaping breathlessness diagnosis with profound impact."