Butlins Digital interactive brochure

The Challenge

Clearhead were challenged to establish an innovative digital interactive brochure to replace Butlins print brochures. Partnering with Butlins as their digital agency and video production company, this project called for the reinvention of the travel trade brochure experience.  The objectives were to engage a digitally-savvy customer and increase brochure interaction whilst delivering a content-rich user experience.

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The Process

We set out to design and build a digital guide that upgraded the traditional experience of a travel trade brochure.

The digital publication needed to be everything the print publication was, plus what it couldn’t be. We wanted to create an engaging experience that guided the target audience through a start-to-finish journey of discovery, engagement, excitement, decision-making, and booking, with a clear and concise pathway to a call to action.

We worked with Butlins to establish a focused and thorough understanding of the target audience. We then created a compressive brief along with key KPIs to develop an innovative, future-proofed digital platform for Butlins to publish, engage and connect with its guests.

Clearhead also produced a series of films and animations to enhance the digital guide, including bespoke films for various sections and an introduction / how-to animation to inform and guide the user about the guide and how it works.

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The Solution

Instigating a future-proofed digital platform for Butlins to be able to publish all potential publications on meant that we had to look beyond the potential of a website or HTML5 app. We needed to propose, establish and build a platform with longevity and accessibility in mind.

Clearhead designed and developed a publishing platform for engaging interactive digital publications that include rich content, image galleries, 360-degree tours, bespoke video content, sound experiences, key information, social sharing, and clear call to action to booking information.

The team at Clearhead helped us to develop our first digital brochure for Butlins and supported us to implement the best solution for our business. The project was a big step for us and meant that their ideas and drive for creativity were invaluable to make our brand new Digital Guide a success. The team are extremely passionate and hard-working, and their attention to detail is second to none, particularly on design and execution