Cambridge Ruskin International College

The challenge

Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC) wanted to set themselves apart. Working in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin University, CRIC provide an excellent opportunity to enter UK higher education. CRIC is designed to deliver educational pathways and support services in an environment that encourages students to achieve excellence in their studies.

Part of our commission was to make two very different films - one to show the fantastic accommodation in an interesting way, and one to act as a general promo film  - all involving the CRIC students. This would make the creative challenging, but if we nailed it the results could really help to show the College in two completely separate ways.

Focused services


Visual identity elaboration
Treatment development
Location scouting
Art direction
Point of View BodyCam
Prop sourcing
Working with student talent
Motion graphics concept
Motion graphics realisation


The accommodation film was to encourage prospective students that living on campus would be ‘just like home’ and showcase recent improvements that made it the place to be. The promo film would be dynamic and used in all presentations and on parts of the website to allow CRIC to use as a first ‘port-of-call’.

The Process

Clearhead worked closely with CRIC to ensure that we were focused on the 'why' in order to connect with the right audience that they needed to see the video. A campus tour and accommodation film were the key focuses that needed to be created to engage, attract and inform potential student of the college. Through our creative process we developed approaches that were conclusive in ensuring the tone of voice and information the college wanted to portray was achieved.

The Solution

Clearhead aspired to approach the creative with technically ambitious execution and techniques that would make these content pieces stand out. With the use of moving stabilised cameras and point of view style body rigs we created films that would enable the audience to fully imagine themselves as a student at CRIC walking through the colleges campus and engaging with other students and facilities.

Up next

In 2012, Clearhead and City of Westminster College first worked together to create what is still seen as one of the leading promotional films in the eduction sector. To follow on from the success of that film production and cinema campaign, the college’s marketing team asked Clearhead to produce a new film campaign that complimented the original film, with a focus on the student experience.