Signposts Charity promotional video

The Challenge

Clearhead produced brand and charity promotional video content for Signposts. A charity dedicated to helping people who are homeless in Luton and Dunstable. Alongside their residential and supporting services for those in need, they are also well known in the town for contributing to the local community. Their team regularly marshals at local festivals and big events, organises litter picks, and supports environmental projects.

Their brand and communications felt inconsistent, so Signposts tasked Clearhead with rebranding the organisation. They wanted a new look that was more closely aligned with their values and objectives moving forwards, along with a new website, and a promotional film and photography.

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Branding, website and print design

For a successful rebrand, we needed to embrace what is unique to Signposts. We identified this as being a fun, positive community, in contrast to other charities which often focus much more on the negative aspects of homelessness. We wanted to celebrate the community that Signposts has created, and the positive impact of their work.

Wayfinding provides a great visual representation of the practical support that Signposts provides as a charity, guiding people in the right direction. We were particularly inspired by carnival and festival style wayfinding, which is loud and exciting. It provides a great way to represent both the guidance that Signposts offers, and the fun, optimistic spirit of the charity.

We have refreshed the logo - removing the images of houses which had led people to mistakenly believe that housing would be provided, and replacing them with an upwards arrow to represent shelter and guidance. We have also created a new tagline, 'the road to a brighter future', to reflect the work that Signposts does both for people who are homeless and also for the wider community. This is paired with a bold, bright and aspirational colour palette and friendly typography to ensure that communications are always warm, energetic and vibrant.


Photography is an excellent method of storytelling and allows us to showcase the impact and value of the work that Signposts does. We have focused on capturing documentary and reportage style photography to show real moments and the experiences of people at Signposts. Photos which look natural and tell a story were preferable over posed shots which look staged.


We wanted to challenge the misconceptions surrounding homelessness by creating a bright and inspiring film which showcases some of the success stories from the charity. The people of Signposts needed to be main focus, with an emphasis on depth of field and facial close ups. We devised a creative treatment consisting of two narratives which intertwine to build an underlying message of community spirit and progress.

The film was shot over two days, at one of Signposts' shelters and a local cafe. We also captured plenty of reportage photography to feature heavily across the new website.

The film is driven by an overarching voiceover from the two case study subjects, and the result is an emotive, reflective piece which resonates with the viewer without feeling cliché.

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