City of Westminster College College Cinema Advert

The Challenge

In 2012, Clearhead and the City of Westminster College worked together to create what is still seen as one of the leading promotional films and college cinema advert in the eduction sector. To follow on from the success of that film and subsequent cinema campaign, the College’s marketing team asked Clearhead to produce a new film campaign that complimented the original one. This time, the focus would be on the student experience.


- Collaborative conceptualisation

- Visual treatments and shot lists

- Casting logistics

- Motion graphics

- Film production


- Content strategy

- Production strategy

- Distribution strategy

The Solution

As one of Central London's Top Vocational FE Colleges, City of Westminster College offer over 200 courses including A-levels and BTECs, courses for adults including short evening classes, NVQs, Apprenticeships and short courses for employers and employees.

With such a wide range of boxes to tick, it was imperative that the new film campaign incorporated the experiences and activities that were true of many different courses. Through creative evaluation of subject crossovers, 8 individual films were produced in a cinematic and impactful visual style that can be used to promote a variety of courses.

The narrative theme in each of these films was consistent and then tailored for each subject in a way that allowed for a larger promotional film to bring together the best bits of each to promote the college as a whole.

Take a look around the films on this case study to see the main promotional film, two of the eight subject films and behind-the-scenes cut that provides insight into the thinking that went into the production of the campaign and the reasons for it's success.

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