Civiq Smartscapes New York video production

The Challenge

Clearhead offer New York video production. Our friends at the Connecticut-based smart retail agency Reality Interactive asked us to work with them to build a suite of content for the digital launch of the Civiq brand, including photography and film for their website, and printed materials.

The team flew out to Dallas, Texas after arranging local casting, production logistics and equipment. The shoot took place over two days in the heart of Dallas, where we captured synergistic photography and film in order to shoot in the most efficient way with each actor. One of the challenges of the shoot was working in the extreme heat, as all of the photography had to be taken outside to display the device in situ.

We passed the content on to the agency to implement into their designs, ensuring the files were easy to work with and requirement limited correction in post production. Prior to the shoot, we worked closely with the design team to ensure that we would capture images that met their design requirements for negative space and orientation across all potential deliverables offline and online.


Content creative


Film production

Talent sourcing

Post Production and colour correction


The Solution

The content was implemented and distributed across online marketing, brand website and marketing placements including billboards and POS. Continuing our successfully agency partnership and a happy client. The team had a fantastic experience creating the suite of content and working with our US partners.

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