DailyPay DailyPay and Visa connecting to an audience through film

The Challenge

Continuing our relationship with the fantastic Fintech and Financial service that is DailyPay, Clearhead were commissioned in the United States to create a suite of case study films in with DailyPay and VISA. Covering thousands of miles in a journey that captured real stories as they happened across the USA. DailyPay wanted to reach out and meet their real users and speak to them about how DailyPay has helped them in the daily lives.

Daily Pay reinvent human capital management based on one simple premise: when your employees find financial security at your company, they stay longer. DailyPay is the only provider that uses a patent-pending, proprietary algorithm to provide a close-to-net available balance, in real-time, for each employee.

We Delivered

02 Production Studios

- Shot list creation.

- Production Management and communication.

- Art Direction and prop creation.

- International travel.

- Call sheet creation.

- Three day film shoot in the USA.

- Campaign photography.

- In-House offline post production and client reviews.

- In-House online Davinci Resolve colour grade.

The Solution

We travelled to the USA, Indianapolis and Houston to film our two protagonists who were advocates of Daily Pay. It helped their daily lives and made it just that little bit easier and convenient. Synergistically with captured campaign photography, the films created a suite of content that could be used to showcase the successful and supportive partnership of DailyPay and Visa. The films were produced with a small crew, enabling a flexible shooting approach around the protagonists and restriction such as severe weather conditions.

We produced two voiceover-led films with the personal stories told of our two protagonists, shared authentically and sensitively. We returned to our studio to fully edit, colour grade and sound mix the final film for delivery.

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