DailyPay Rebranding Films.

The Challenge.

This was a simple challenge. A brand launch was coming quickly and DailyPay wanted a new 'DailyPay Rebranding Film' to really make a smash with a new film (or two) to show the brand off to its customers and its new investors. Jason the founder had a small window and the project needed to be directed remotely, with our team on the ground filming and beaming it back. DailyPay knew there was only one company who could do it, that is why they came back to Clearhead.
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The Solution.

Straight away we jumped into action with a strategic approach. We worked with our team in New York, to secure a location for us, which was based in Brooklyn. Jason's diary was very very busy, so we had him in for 3 hours, so we had to move fast. Using the Black Magic Video Assist 12G we used their new feature to use it to stream directly through our video platform Whereby. The DailyPay team wanted to get two scripts for two different audiences, which we would use with cool new branded graphics. We used an autocue, which helped Jason with his limited time. Directing remotely was a breeze and ensured that we got everything that we needed when we needed it. Very few takes were recorded and it all went very soon. In the edit, we worked through the takes and added the graphics. In the end, we went for a more simple approach. It however got finished in a double-quick turnaround and ensured that the re-brand had the maximum possible exposure. The DailyPay Rebranding Film earned another 5* review.

Building on a successful relationship.

Clearhead has partnered with DailyPay for over five years, continuing to support its content strategy and production, connecting with their audience. As an international partner, we have been able to prove our support and capabilities whilst living and working in different time zones. DailyPay has entrusted its brand with our Creative Chemistry framework, using our framework and workshops to continue to develop their brand, the story they want to tell, and understand its audience.
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"After working on multiple projects with Clearhead, I have gained the utmost appreciation for the team's dedication to their craft. Consistently professional, responsive, and adaptive to the projects they work on. Also just a great fun bunch of folks to work with!"