Durham University Student Recruitment Film

The Challenge

As a student recruitment film, we want to beat the drum for Durham and engage students and alumni of the University to beat the drum for Durham as well as understand what that means and why it is important.
The creative challenge for the project was to establish a strong and bold core message to this campaign film. To define a hero statement for a hero film that is bold, visceral, and exciting which will engage, connect and create a spark between University and its audience.
The meaning behind “Beat the drum” is to praise, promote and publicize a term that transfers to the literal striking of a drum for ceremonial or other purposes and to tout the virtues of a person, group, or product. We celebrated the University as well as the City with a bold statement, strong narrative, and kinetic visuals.
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The Solution

The recruitment campaign was designed to be rolled out and engage with a Gen Z audience. As such Clearhead created a package of bespoke social formats and captioning for the content to be managed and distributed across Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Twitter.

With our drive to push the objectives and themes of the initial brief the creative execution of "Beat the drum" has continued to be set as a benchmark for all content being distributed to the University. Following the launch of the campaign, measurement and refinement of activity ensured that the University of Durham attracted a stream of quality applicants.

"It's exciting to continue to create these campaigns together, having worked with the University over the last five years. Continuing to spark new ideas, workshop our narratives and continue to learn about our audience."