Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre

The Challenge.

The idea that cyber security is only necessary for large organisations and business is wrong. As a small business you are equally, if not more vulnerable to cyber crime. The impact can be even greater on you and your customers as a target. When your not looking. When your guard is down. You are still vulnerable. Businesses and business owners know what cyber security, they know it is a threat to their business. It is a high priority for them. Our target audience are busy people, their attention required at all times. For us to engage with them we needed to capture their attention and engage their interest. Long-form, informative content is not the way. Content that challenges, provokes thought, sparks an idea. That is how we capture them.
Play with sound

The Solution.

As well as the need to keep refreshed and keep awareness front of mind. Attitude is also important. Complacency creates vulnerability. “It’ll never happen to us”, “we are too small to be a target”. The attitude of employers and employees is what we wanted to challenge. The message we wanted to communicate. This is how we connect with our audience. Increase awareness and improve their resilience.
We hosted a Creative Chemistry™ workshop with the team and explored our understanding of their audience, challenges, story, and approach. Working together we were able to experiment with ideas, and explore approaches which eventually landed on our "never too small". We produced a suite of 60-90 second content for ECRC as well as 15-second social ads to generate engagement.
"The opportunity was to create films that feel individually authentic and appropriate for prospective students, but when grouped together also express a concise brand message that reaches further than their locations. Films about positve change, hope and opportunity!"