easyGroup easyHistory 5th Edition

The Challenge.

easyGroup came to us as a local company to the UK operations and starting place of the business, to produce the latest version of their “easyHistory” video. This video would be used to educate and build interest in the benefits of joining the easyFamily by becoming a franchisee. The challenge was that there is a lot of history… The previous video was over seven minutes long! Sir Stelios wanted the video to be four minutes long, keeping the viewer engaged, entertained and embodying all the values that easyGroup stand for, as well as increasing the presence of the charitable foundation within the video as the majority beneficiary of the profits from the easyGroup venture.
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The Solution.

We put forth the simplification of content that would be presented in a dynamic and visual way using a 3D perspective with 2D content filling the space. There would be a constant sense of momentum with the camera continually moving forward. Images and brief snippets of text animate on energetically. The video as a result presents confidence and pride in the past whilst showing the viewer of the potential for the future. We worked closely with Stelios and his team to trim, expand and re-present the content. It is carefully timed not to bamboozle the viewer with too much information except for those times where we want to highlight the sheer scale of the easyGroup family.
In addition to the four minute video we quickly followed it up with a thirty five second teaser version used to pique viewers’ interest and either directly lead to the easyGroup or to direct to the four minute version of the video to fill in the inevitable gaps. It was no “easy” feat to get the video to four minutes, but we got there on the time, in style and with a happy client.