University of Leeds EU-funded research project - PROSEU

The Challenge

The University of Leeds are supporting an EU-funded research called Prosumers for the Energy Union, or “PROSEU”, an international collaboration with the aim of identifying and realising an evolution in the way we produce, use and think about energy. The world is in a crisis. The way we produce and use energy is unsustainable and needs to change.

The University of Leeds approached Clearhead to create a range of film content, designed to communicate the initiative, exposing the work they are doing to the world. Environmental protection and preservation is a subject close to the heart of the team at Clearhead, so naturally we were keen to get involved.

The fact that our world is in crisis is not a surprise to anyone, it is common knowledge. As long as water keeps running and lights keep turning on, it is an easy problem to ignore, this was a jumping off point for our approach to the films. If we were going to get people to engage with this initiative, to look at the problem with the intention of changing, we needed to speak to people on an emotional level - let their hearts force their heads into action.



Creative development


Bespoke character Illustration

2D animation


Voice over recording

Music composition and Sound design

The Solution

Our proposal began with social teasers, designed to build an audience whilst PROSEU were undertaking their consultations. The build up would culminate in a long form film, presenting how a world embracing PROSEU’s recommendations would thrive.

Recognising the importance of forming an emotional connection with the audience, we started our development by identifying the right music. A song that could tell our story and compliment our message without the need for a script. Too often a voiceover presents problems to viewers with a convincing, sympathetic tone, but there is one catch… we all know what this problem is. In this case, avoiding voiceover in favour of prominent music lets viewers digest the emotional overtone of a literal message they have heard a thousand times.

Though our music needed to evoke a desire to change, this project was about presenting a solution to the world, providing hope - that journey would be taken in our visuals. Animation allowed us to bring PROSEU’s vision of the future to life in a literal way, visualising the concepts to maximise social engagement. An organic, tactile visual style complemented the motivations of the project. Hand drawn scenes, presented as though on paper, maintained a connection to the natural world we are so close to losing.

What we proposed was ambitious, challenging and different - but all of those things were motivated by the desire to create content that would have impact and engage.

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