Hairburst Haircare brand advert

The Challenge

Clearhead partner with Hairburst to produce their haircare brand advert. Hairburst is a UK based company, offering natural and scientifically proven solutions for stronger, longer and healthier-looking hair. Hairburst is fashionable, youthful, energetic and dynamic. An ambitious growth brand looking to accelerate their market impact by engaging with a focus audience persona through the power of film. Hairburst looked to commission a new branded content agency. Clearhead are built to grow brands and through our unique Creative Chemistry framework partnered with Hairburst to strategically plan their brand story, narrative, distribution strategy and BIG idea, resulting in a brand new campaign that launch across multiple distribution channels. The campaign resulted in increased brand affiliation with increased social followers and purchase conversions through online retailers.


- Visual identity development

- Treatment creation

- Location scouting

- Casting

- Film distribution

- Art direction

- Lighting


- Audience & Consumer behaviour insight

- Creative Chemistry methodology

- Brand Story development

- 30-second edit for online and TV distribution

- 15-second social edits

The solution

Clearhead are a branded content agency with film production at it's heart. Our production studio work with the strategy and creative team to execute the solution of the Creative Chemistry process. It's taken 6 backdrops, 4 lights, 2 cameras, 6 models, 2 hair & makeup artists, 4 crew members, 11 XQD cards, 1 music licence and 300GB of hair shaking – and we are happy to say we are very happy with the results. A hair and beauty film that could rival the big dogs.

Clearhead specialise in working with ambitious growth brands like Hairburst. Accelerating the process of creating purpose led content that will engage a strategically identified audience and change their behaviour based on brand's key objectives.

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