Houses of Parliament Cyber Security campaign.

The Challenge.

It's a shocking statistic for sure but the Houses of Parliament are under cyber attack every minute of every day and it is incredibly important that all their staff are able to take steps to minimize the risk of any data breaches occurring. Clearhead was approached to produce a series of simple and clear films and animations, detailing common cybersecurity pitfalls and how to avoid them that would be shared among staff.

Everyone assumes that they are secure in their own bubble and that cybercrime is something that happens to everyone else. People start to feel safe, especially in a secure work environment like Parliament. This feeling can lead to an unknowingly careless attitude when it comes to cyber security and the consequences can be serious. The Houses of Parliament asked us to create a suite of films that would expand upon their existing print campaign. Raising awareness around cyber security.

The films needed to be entertaining, informative, and simple to follow. Along with a clear call to action. Making the audience consider their own attitudes and practices. It was vital for the films not to actively single people out or criticize anyone directly. They needed to feel like a wake-up call rather than a confrontational critique.

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The Solution.

We developed a suite of animation covering a range of topics such as Phishing, social engineering, and reporting. Disseminated across parliament via their intranet system, this e-learning suite of content has proven to be the most engaged cyber security campaign ever launched by the internal communications department.

Along with the suite of animations, Clearhead was also commissioned to produce a best-practices and awareness training film. Designed to immerse the audience in several security risk scenarios. To keep the audience engaged, the film was crafted to be humorous and entertaining.

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Building on campaign success.

Clearhead built this new cyber security campaign off the back of a successful engagement campaign with the Parliamentary Digital Services team, creating a series of fun animations based on Guy Fawkes to stimulate discussion and thought into how we view and manage cyber security – both at work and in our personal lives. While the animations may be light-hearted, being a victim of a successful cyber-attack isn't. Guy Fawkes attacked Parliament over 400 years ago, but if he was around today, he probably wouldn’t need to leave his bedroom. If you would like to see these films follow the link below.

"The creative and collaborative processes worked well and the final products have been well received across the organisation."