Houses of Parliament Cyber security awareness animations

The challenge

Everyone assumes they are secure in their bubble - that cyber crime is something that happens to someone else. People start to feel safe, especially in a secure work environment like Parliament, but this feeling can lead to a lax or unknowingly careless attitude when it comes to cyber security, and the consequences can be serious. The Houses of Parliament asked us to create a series of animations, which would expand upon their existing print campaign to raise awareness around cyber security.

The animations needed to be entertaining, informative and simple to follow with a clear call to action, to make the audience consider their own attitudes and practices. It was vital for the films not to actively single people out or criticise anyone directly - they needed to feel like a wake up call rather than a confrontational critique.

The process

The original illustration was a fantastic jumping-off point for the project - it's comedic but thought provoking, and we wanted to continue using this structure in the animations. We devised creative concepts for three animations, each highlighting an area of cyber security - phishing, passwords, and vigilance. This process involved scriptwriting, character design, animation and sound design.

The result

The animations position Guy Fawkes as a man way ahead of his time - putting into place phishing schemes, stealing passwords or lurking around every corner looking for ways in. Inspired by the tone of programmes like Horrible Histories, his escapades are comedic and surreal - set in the 17th century but with an awareness of and reference to present-day concepts. A few short scenes humorously communicate the idea as Guy Fawkes manages to gain the information he needs to take down Parliament.

Up next

Activate Learning understand how people learn best, and how to work with every individual to remove traditional barriers to learning. Their expertise in the field of neuroscience means that they understand the limitless capacity of the brain, and recognise that emotional intelligence and a sense of purpose are essential for learners to fulfil their potential.

Our challenge was to create a 50-second animation to explain their learning philosophy in a fun and engaging way.