i3 Simulations Healthcare brand campaign.

The Challenge.

i3 Simulations approached Clearhead to develop a campaign concept and content for the launch of their new brand. Our aim was to capture the purpose of their specialized technology and it's impact on the world. Creating immersive, interactive, and intelligent solutions for the healthcare sector, that are scalable and repeatable, to improve human performance and reduce error in the real world. To grab attention and build awareness of their brand and as leaders in their industry, we wanted to craft a narrative that would invest their audience emotively and position them as a company that cares about the mission they are on. We entitled the film "Every second count's". We wanted to anchor the campaign with a purpose. A reason this technology and solution are needed. What it really means, and what it boiled down to for us was the need to be ready. So that when you are needed, when a decision needs to be made, when the seconds count. You will be ready. Instinct will take over and you will know what to do. Because knowledge becomes memories, questions become answers, and you take action.
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The Solution.

We believe in the power of emotive storytelling. Creating connections between brands and customers, products and people. It is why we adopt the Hero, hub, help framework with passion. There will always be a requirement to inform. Films that provide insight and answers. How much does the service cost? What technology is used? and this is what we get asked to produce. However, we believe the intrinsic value of a company, a brand, a product or a service is more than the transactional detail of "how it works". Its value lies within its vision. The global challenge it strives to solve. It's the reason for existing.

This is what we wanted to heart of the campaign to be for i3 Simulations. An anchor we can tie everything back to. From that, we identify a content strategy built in order to provide this value and information to the world. We classify these through themes and we disseminate across the Hero, hub, help framework. So that when we are commissioned to produce a campaign within a three-day shoot budget. We are able to produce more than one film. As a result, we have produced not only an emotive, hero film and campaign for i3 but a suite of hub films exploring the detail and case studies of their services and specialisms but highly searchable help content. So that when someone googles for information relating to VR and XR solutions, they will discover i3 and the thought leader of their industry.

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"The reaction to this launch has been beyond our expectations. Clearhead really pushed to understand our purpose and our business needs so that we could tell our story through the power of film."