iCandy Lime CGI Animation Film

The Challenge.

Clearhead partnered with iCandy to create a CGI 3D animation to launch the iCandy Lime push chair. Created with fully bespoke 3D CGI animation in Adobe after effects and live action footage edit and compiled into Adobe Premiere Pro.

iCandy pushchairs are meticulously designed and painstakingly tested to ensure that every single component is engineered to perfection. The new Lime is the latest example of this - every single one of the 381 individual components has been carefully considered and designed to ensure the utmost functionality and quality. The film's creative objective was to reflect the innovation and high ambition of the pushchair design.

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The Solution.

The project was created over an eight-week timeline from conception to completion. Created in-house this technically advanced project required an experienced team to ideate and manage the complete process. The creative was developed from idea to storyboard for pre-visualisation and timing purposes. Resulting in an efficient production process allowing for ample and time extensive rendering.

We've made 381 decisions, so you only have to make 1. This leading statement formed the backbone of our creative approach and was pulled from the innovative design and quality of the iCandy pushchair. We made the decision to create the iCandy pushchair as a 3D model that we could explode in view to reveal all the individual components and showcase their purpose within Lime's design and functionality. A visually impressive film that would be used to promote the Lime and trade shows and events across the world as well as online to engage the target audience to purchase.

Take a look at the iCandy Lime here