iCandy Pushchair marketing campaign

The Challenge.

Pushchair marketing campaign. As iCandy's flagship, best-selling pushchair model now enters into its 5th generation; we took a look back over its history and pieced together the key elements of not just what this product means to iCandy, but what the brand itself means to those that work there.

Focusing on the 4 key brand elements; Heritage, Innovation, Style & Quality.

Narrative of the video to highlight the ethos of the brand and the work that goes into each idea at iCandy HQ. Highlighting ‘The Icon. Re-Imagined.’ campaign slogan.

Buzzwords; Family business, togetherness, family unit, British design, iconic.

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The iCandy Peach

The Solution.

State-of-the-art product innovation and development has allowed iCandy to push the boundaries and cater for parents who want and deserve more by owning a stylish, quality, premium and prestigious product. iCandy demonstrates their understanding of the importance for today’s modern parent to express their individual style whilst adhering to the practicalities of being a parent.

The hero films we created focused on this key message. We want to be transparent and honest with our customers, inviting them through the iCandy doors to hear the passion and purpose of the iCandy team and their work to create product’s that support’s a better lifestyle for their user’s.

We heard from the Lead Designers, CEO and Marketing & Communication team. The people whom engage with and gather insight from the people that use the product.

We showcased the hard work, focus and dedication that the team apply to their work as we film shots of them developing designs and brainstorming concepts together.

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The iCandy Peach

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Then iCandy Peach