iCandy | Own the city Pushchair brand video

The Challenge.

The industry-leading pushchair brand, iCandy, asked Clearhead to produce a leading pushchair brand video for their new Raspberry pushchair.

The campaign, 'Own the City', explores how the Raspberry can empower people to take on the challenge of city life. It's vibrant yet peaceful at the same time. It's scary and full of obstacles: hell or home. Many people walk many different paths but share the same pavements. Our footsteps and shadows leave a story of our journey. The city is full of challenges and opportunities. Your mindset will define whether you decide to be abused and betrayed, or if you can embrace and own it.

Our young couple is used to the city and they don’t need to change their lifestyle because of the new addition to their family. They are set to embrace the challenge and take it on. They are fast-moving, negotiating the buzz of the city - weaving through people and places, exploring, diverting and ascending. Our parents and baby are living life, filling it with the sensations and experiences of the city lifestyle.

The iCandy Raspberry is as light as a feather and able to switch modes and adapt to the city. The film puts the Raspberry through its paces, energetically manoeuvring with a spring in its step. The passenger is along for the ride, safe and sound, soaking up the sensory experience of the city vista. Whether it’s a parent or world facing interaction, the experience for the child is smooth and comfortable.

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Own the City


The Solution.

We worked with iCandy to strategise and activate a distribution plan for the content across social media channels and on-demand TV.

Video-on-demand has recently exploded, with people streaming more content than ever. This is a direct way of getting your content into people’s homes. All of the VOD services attract huge audiences and provide a great way to promote your video for a fair price tag.

Unlike YouTube and Vimeo, VOD has regulating bodies who need to approve your content. If you’re planning to advertise via video on demand, you’ll have to buy advertising space on your desired platform, which reserves a slot for a limited amount of time. Before anything can go live, your content will have to be signed off by ‘Clearcast’, the advertising regulating body. They will require a script, a rough cut and the final version of the film.

At Clearhead we have teamed up with Sky to make sure you can take full advantage of this innovative advertising technique. This is unlike traditional television advertising where content is designated a slot on a mainstream channel and distributed across the nation. Instead, Sky Adsmart gives you the option to specifically target your desired audience. Viewers are targeted based on the information they give Sky when signing up, along with Experian credit ratings, to give greater chances of an engaged audience for your campaign.

Once the content has been created by us, we’ll send it off to Clearcast. After we get the go-ahead, Sky will liaise with us to make sure that your campaign gets off to a flying start.