Jungle IT Brand film

The Challenge.

In the dynamic landscape of hybrid work, where the way your client devices are purchased, imaged, and delivered has undergone a profound transformation, the challenge for Jungle IT was to navigate this paradigm shift seamlessly. The traditional approaches to end-user computing services were no longer sufficient to meet the demands of a workforce scattered across various locations.

Jungle IT turned to Clearhead to craft a compelling narrative that not only captured the essence of their managed end-user compute services but also resonated with the evolving needs of their clients. The Creative Chemistry™ framework came into play, dissecting the nuances of the 'New Way of Working' as envisioned by Microsoft. Our team, armed with expertise in behavioural psychology, storytelling, and data analysis, embarked on a journey to future-proof productivity for Jungle IT and its clients.
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The Solution.

The process began with an interactive workshop, delving deep into the 'why' behind Jungle IT's story and identifying the 'who' in their audience's journey. This strategic alignment laid the foundation for the creation of a 90-second brand film, a visual masterpiece that not only showcased the transformative power of Jungle IT's services but also resonated with the human experience of the hybrid workforce.

The collaboration between Clearhead and Jungle IT was more than a transaction; it was a fusion of creativity, insight, and a shared commitment to excellence. Our team seamlessly integrated the Out of Box Experience and Device Lifecycle Experiences, ensuring that the services provided transcended the mere functionality of devices. The result was an improved end-user experience, maximised investment in devices, enhanced business efficiencies, and a heightened sense of security and compliance confidence.
The success of the campaign was not just anecdotal; it was quantifiable. Through meticulous data analysis, we tracked the impact of the brand film and social campaign assets on employee productivity and collaboration. The optimized approach to end-user computing didn't just meet expectations; it exceeded them.

As a testament to the power of Creative Chemistry™, Jungle IT witnessed a tangible return on investment, with their clients reporting a significant boost in productivity, streamlined collaboration, and a newfound confidence in the security of their digital infrastructure.
"Leading the Clearhead team through the creation of the Jungle IT campaign was a dynamic journey. We fused our collective creativity with purposeful content, strategically aligning with Jungle IT's vision. This collaborative effort goes beyond aesthetics; it's a purposeful narrative shaping the future of work. Our goal wasn't just to attract clients; it was about empowering Jungle IT to redefine success in the realm of managed IT services through our unique blend of insight, culture, and strategic storytelling."