Last Empire War Z Mobile game hero content

The challenge

Our friends at the influencer marketing agency Socially Powerful asked us to create a piece of hero content for the social launch of zombie game Last Empire War Z. Together, we worked with social influencer Julius Dein to pull off the ultimate zombie prank on his grandma, seeking to engage a large audience to download the game. 

The solution

We worked efficiently and creatively with a cast and crew of over 50 people including wardrobe, stunt co-ordinators, makeup artists and art directors, to execute and launch this piece of social hero content with a tight turnaround time of just two weeks. 

Our production unit consisted of 10 camera operators covering the prank from hidden angles, working together to execute a seamless timeline. Taking the footage into production, we were able to cut these angles together against a fantastic music score and sound design. The final touches were implemented with colour grade and motion graphic idents.

Over the span of a one day shoot, we all worked closely together to rehearse the action, prepare Julius and keep the prank a secret from his grandma. The result is a high successful social engagement video which reached over 6 million views in the first three months, with 20,000+ shares and 3,000+ comments. 

The results

Over 6 million views

Within three months of the film's launch

20,000 shares on Facebook

Hitting engagement targets for the content


Driving interaction and positive feedback on the game promo

Up next

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