Leeds University International Recruitment Advert

The Challenge

Clearhead were appointed by Leeds University as their chosen agency to produce the new International student recruitment campaign. Clearhead have been a preferred supplier of the University since 2017.

Our #thinkbeyond campaign film celebrates everything inclusive and beyond expectations of a first-class degree. It is also about strengthening students mentally, creatively, and socially, opening a door to understanding the challenges and issues of the wider world. Through a strong, visceral, visual backbone, the audience is faced with connected and evocative imagery of textures, portraits and life-style imagery that create a “connection to the world”.

We wanted this film to stand out and show that any international student can not only flourish but forge their own path within and outside of the University walls. We wanted to show that Leeds is everything a university can be for our prospective students - a new home.

We Delivered

02 Production Studios

- Shot list creation.

- Production Management and communication.

- Call sheet creation.

- Three day film shoot in Leeds.

- Campaign photography.

- In-House offline post production and client reviews.

- In-House online Davinci Resolve colour grade.

The Solution

Our student recruitment campaign films focused on the construction on five pre-selected aspects of the University of LeedsEach world was led by a single student story that is encouraging, passionate and personal. These individual students personify their respective worlds and most importantly are humble and authentic. These 5 separate worlds combined within our hero film as we wander through the University walls and eventually outside into the sprawling city, all with a common theme of international community.

“Think beyond” celebrates collaboration, the idea of understanding ideas outside of your own, and through stepping outside of your comfort zone with the reward of self-fulfilment. We wanted to show more than just the handshakes and bright skies though, we wanted to get a sense of the day itself, from AM to PM. The hard work, perseverance and character of our students.


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