University of Leeds MIT REAP

The Challenge.

University of Leeds MIT REAP commissioned Clearhead to produce their higher education promotional film. Leeds City, and its wider region, is one of the most economically prosperous areas outside of London and the South East in the United Kingdom. It is well suited to collaborate with other cities in Northern England, and develop productive business networks and labor markets. “Team Leeds” - a collection of forward thinking individuals and bodies, including the University of Leeds itself, has done phenomenally well to win a place on MIT’s prestigious REAP programme. The programme, which has an extensive global reach, is now making its way to the city of Leeds itself after being selected as a workshop location. Team Leeds is looking to cement the foundations of a new strategy that will encourage entrepreneurs to “start and scale an innovative business” in the area. Clearhead were commissioned to produce a showcase film to communicate these key messages to their audience.
Play with sound

Play with sound

The Solution.

We created two films for this campaign. Film one is a bit more commercial in its footage and feeling. This film will leverage the best of our sketchbook style animation whilst utilising stronger music and even prominent typography. This is the “in your face” film that needed to cater to a much wider audience, so developing more of a hero brand piece feel worked very well. This feel's like a TV commercial for Team Leeds that will intrigue, educate and encourage people to find out more. Essentially this is our “wow” film that cover's the strategy of entrepreneurial development in Leeds from a broader perspective. Film 2 echoed the same visual structure and execution of film 1 but with a slightly different approach to its content and overall feeling. Whilst film 1 unapologetically shouted about Team Leeds’ current and future successes, film 2 took a softer approach considering its more specific MIT REAP audience. In addition to all the elements taking place in film one, we also introduced specific b roll footage including international student ambassadors in a more intimate and personal environment creating a more connective feel on a human scale.
"The University of Leeds MIT REAP promotional film was inspiring. We captured Leeds City's dynamic spirit and strategic vision, showcasing its potential as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. This project celebrates the region's economic vitality and supports future innovators."