Letchworth Garden City Promotional film and explainer animation

The challenge

The Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation is a community benefit society that maintains and enhances the world's first garden city for the enjoyment of everyone who lives in, works in and visits Letchworth. 

Letchworth, and the garden city movement as a whole, were founded upon ideals which support and encourage personal wellbeing and balance. They build upon ideas of social responsibility, community spirit and the creation of a better way of life. It's a social experiment that's still thriving a century later - encouraging us to look to a more positive future where we once again look to these ideals to build a better world. 

Clearhead were tasked with creating a promotional film to convey the values and philosophies of the garden city, and reflect upon the history and success of the garden city movement. Alongside this, we were asked to create an animation to explain the investment model for Letchworth Garden City, to help audiences understand the Foundation's role in the town and the services they provide. 


Promotional film

We have created a film about forward momentum and positive life change, propelled by the ideals of the garden city. 

Part tourism commercial, part Wes Anderson film; the arresting visuals feature plenty of symmetrical and well-balanced compositions, with Letchworth residents taking front and centre stage to underline the importance of people to the garden city ideals. The tone is upbeat and aspirational, with positive messages and stories about what its like to live in a garden city from the residents driving the narrative. 

Explainer animation

The money made from the Foundation's property portfolio is reinvested back into the town to support a wide range of charitable commitments, including a number of arts, leisure and heritage venues and services. This isn't always easy for the Foundation to communicate, especially as they need to balance their persona as a landlord (collecting rents and renewing leases) with giving grants, running arts and leisure venues as well as managing the town's heritage.

We have created an animation to explain the Garden City's investment model and services in a clear, concise way.

Up next

Ryebridge are a Luton-based construction firm, invested in positively impacting the lives and businesses of the local community. They have established their roots in Luton and recognise the proud history, cultural diversity and the huge potential that exists within the town, and endeavour to tap into this via local recruitment and utilising local resources.

We were tasked with creating photography, a promotional film and a new website to showcase Ryebridge's work and effectively communicate their ethos and values.