Levels Festival

The challenge

Revoluton Arts is one of 21 national Creative People and Places programmes funded through Arts Council England to enable more people to engage with and be inspired by the arts. One of the many projects Revoluton Arts is involved in developing is a new music festival called Levels Festival, which is being delivered in collaboration with music venues and promoters based in Luton. The ambition for the first year was to successfully establish the multi-venue festival, with the hope for it to grow year on year.

Our challenge was to create a strong visual identity for the festival that is incredibly versatile, as the branding needed to work across a variety of venues for a variety of music genres. We also needed to bear in mind that in the coming years the infrastructure of the festival may change, so the branding needed to work not just for an urban multi-venue festival but also for an outdoor park space.

The process

Following our Creative Chemistry, we had a good look at other examples of music festival branding design before creating a series of initial design concepts. Most of the ideas for the logo came from experimenting with different visual representations of levels in relation to music, and experimenting with simple word play.

The solution

The logo design consists of a bold, headliner font to complement a slightly grungy screen-printed aesthetic, and it has been designed to be as flexible as possible – it can be adjusted and enhanced with additional assets depending on the application. We developed a colour palette based around shades of purple with a bright pink accent to hint at dusk and early Autumn. 

We have applied the branding to a variety of promotional materials, including a website, posters, merchandise, and a fold-out flyer containing all of the information for the festival.

Up next

Testbeds is the University of Bedfordshire's exciting new arts incubator for artists and creative practitioners. The University was awarded funding from Arts Council England to support artists and cultural organisations to develop the skills to thrive economically, creatively and socially within Luton. 

Our challenge was to create a strong and vibrant brand for the programme that would also positively reflect the University and Luton as a whole. The branding needed to be modern and innovative whilst maintaining accessibility for a diverse audience, and engaging and appealing to those with creative arts knowledge.