University of Leeds Linkedin Learning Animation

The Challenge

The University of Leeds had a story to share with all of their staff and students. They needed to inform them about LinkedIn Learning, a valuable resource they could use to improve their skills: course related skills, general employability skills and wider skills for personal development.

LinkedIn Learning offers over 15,000 online courses and as part of the Universities commitment to continual development, their institutional subscription offers all students and staff access to these courses. The narrative was based around how this flexible resource can fit into their lifestyles, and that they can use it anywhere, anytime, on any device.

The Solution

For the Linkedin learning animation, Kinetic typography is an eye pleasing way to communicate key messages to your audience. It is a simple and cost effective way to tell the story through an engaging animation style.

To ensure the message worked on social channels it was broken down into smaller bit size chunks of content:

  • Log in and Learn call to action
  • Information on the range of courses available
  • A focus on quality

The Results

4,000 people



Animation we've produced


Increased engagement with the School at the University.

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