Luton BID Brand transformation.

The Challenge

Luton BID had the vision to support business growth and investment in Luton town center and build pride, loyalty, and positive perceptions of Luton as a whole. Over the last decade, the town has evolved significantly.

Luton BID wanted a place brand story that reflected the contemporary reality of the place and its vision for the future, not a responsive or defensive brand story to combat the historic reputation and ratings it has been used to in the past. The place brand needed to drive positive perceptions, and promote growth, development, and investment. Crucially, it needed to be owned and celebrated by the people of the place themselves. Clearhead was commissioned to identify, define and deploy the brand and assets for Luton BID.

The Solution

Identities aren’t there to look nice, or rather not just there to look nice. They should allow local governments, businesses, and communities to express themselves with pride and confidence, for tangible impact. We took our inspiration from the people and place so that the community could see and hear themselves in the work that we created with them.

Our key challenges were to identify, develop and promote the strengths, characteristics, and business offers of Luton town center to increase positive perceptions and loyalty of the town, locally regionally, and nationally.

To ensure that the town center and all its different areas presented a distinctive, accessible, and appealing environment that attracted business investment, encouraged visitors to stay longer and fostered pride in the town. Finally, to build on the strengths of the business community to support and promote growth, development, and investment.

"Clearhead has created a connection between the BID and its residents. Communicating our vision and reflecting our values within our communications."