Madame Tussauds Berlin Lobby Animations

The Challenge

In the world of commercial real estate content and animation, Clearhead encountered a unique challenge that beckoned for both technical finesse and creative innovation. Madame Tussauds Berlin, amidst a lobby refurbishment led by our partners at OpenEye Global, sought to elevate the customer experience for those queuing to enter the attraction.

The ambitious vision encompassed a multimedia presentation featuring a "forced perspective" or "anamorphic" corner screen, strategically positioned throughout the lobby. Multiple screens, LED lights, and a curated auditory experience were key components. The central concept aimed to take visitors on a captivating journey through, below, and above Berlin, providing a dynamic backdrop for the static wax figures that adorned the iconic attraction.

Our challenge? To seamlessly integrate screens, animations, and content that not only met the high standards of Madame Tussauds but also enlivened the static wax figures without detracting from their prominence. This was an opportunity to showcase our technical and stylistic prowess, adapting to the client's exacting standards and breathing life into the concept.
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The Solution

In tackling the challenge of Madame Tussauds Berlin's lobby refurbishment, our strategic approach in commercial real estate content creation and animation took center stage. Collaborating with OpenEye Global, we aimed to enhance the customer experience through seamlessly integrated screens within the multimedia presentation.

Our solution involved the implementation of a thoughtfully positioned "forced perspective" or "anamorphic" corner screen, accompanied by strategically scattered multiple screens, dynamic LED lights, and a curated blend of music and sound effects. The core concept revolved around guiding viewers on an immersive journey through, below, and above Berlin.
Here's where our technical and stylistic prowess came into play. Given the high-profile nature of the client and the ambitious concept at hand, our task was to breathe life into static wax figures, strategically placed within the attraction. The challenge was to inject energy and movement around these focal points without overshadowing them—creating an ambiance that complemented Madame Tussauds' iconic attractions.

Our commitment to meeting the elevated standards of a prestigious client, coupled with our ability to seamlessly blend technical excellence with creative flair, allowed us to not only bring the concept to life but to exceed expectations. The result was a transformed lobby, where our content and animations dynamically enhanced the overall experience, creating a space that was both captivating and true to the essence of Madame Tussauds' iconic wax figures.
"Working with Clearhead was fantastic and working together on this was brilliant. Our client was so happy"