Madame Tussauds London Royal Balcony Animations

The Challenge.

Embarking on the prestigious project of revitalising Madame Tussauds' royal exhibit, our aim was to transport visitors into the regal ambiance, offering a firsthand encounter with the splendor of standing on the balcony at Buckingham Palace—a spectacle ingrained in television history for decades. The challenge? Translating this vision into a tangible, authentic experience within the confines of the exhibition space.

This undertaking not only provided an opportunity for Clearhead to showcase technical prowess and creative finesse but also served as a testament to our ability to meet the exacting standards of Madame Tussauds, acting on behalf of OpenEye Global. Beyond mere execution, our task was to elevate—crafting an experience that not only met but surpassed expectations, breathing life into the iconic imagery of the royal balcony in a manner that deeply resonated with visitors.
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The Solution.

In our challenge to transport Madame Tussauds visitors to the distinguished balcony at Buckingham Palace, we strategically utilised expansive, curved screens, brought to life by precisely positioned short throw projectors. The heart of our solution lay in the creation of a mesmerising looping video that authentically captured the essence of the balcony view. A unique challenge emerged—translating this experience convincingly without the firsthand opportunity to witness the balcony's grandeur ourselves. Employing a combination of mathematical precision, experimentation, and creative finesse, we undertook the meticulous task of reconstructing the scene. This involved a harmonious blend of 3D models, seamless compositing techniques, and finely tuned sound design. The result? A captivating and immersive encounter, allowing Madame Tussauds visitors to gain a true-to-life sense of what it would be like to stand on that iconic balcony. As a testament to our adaptability, the client's vision evolved during the process, focusing solely on modern-day London from the balcony view. However, as a glimpse into our creative journey, we initially conceptualised a transformative experience—from the 1950s coronation of HRH Queen Elizabeth to the contemporary coronation of HRH King Charles.
The value we applied in this endeavour extended beyond technical execution. We seamlessly pivoted to meet evolving client preferences, ensuring that the final display resonated with both Madame Tussauds and their esteemed visitors. The benefits were twofold—the client received a dynamic and engaging exhibit that surpassed expectations, while end clients experienced an immersive journey through time, enriched by the meticulous attention to detail and creative storytelling. Our commitment to delivering not just a solution but an elevated experience ensured Madame Tussauds' royal exhibit became a beacon of innovation and storytelling. Step into the magic of our process—a seamless fusion of technical precision, creative vision, and adaptability—resulting in a transformative encounter that transcends the boundaries of time and space.
"Working with Clearhead was fantastic and working together on this was brilliant. Our client was so happy once again and will be enjoyed by millions"