Milton Keynes College College TV Campaign

The Challenge.

Milton Keynes College approached Clearhead to develop a Milton Keynes College TV campaign concept and content for their 2020/21 recruitment. A call to action campaign grounded by social commentary and responsive to the 2020 global pandemic and it's affect on the education of young people. Our aim was to produce an innovative and powerful commercial that would tell a compelling story, have impact, and resonate with the audiences and community with which they support.

The film brings together people from diverse backgrounds, all united in their desire to follow their own path and overcoming obstacles to achieve what they want.  Working with local and regional actors and using the real stories of students we were able to bring this story to life and we are incredibly proud of the result which will be featured across social media, Spotify, On Demand and Sky.
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The Solution.

Follow your voice is a campaign built on self belief. To use an analogy, a muscle that isn’t stretched does not grow. The muscle exists, it’s strong but it needs to be used, applied and believed in. Our characters are talented, unique yet lacked their moment to shine. Our belief is that young people in Milton Keynes are talented, passionate and powerful. They just need some self belief. With this campaign we are telling them that we believe in you, so believe in yourself and follow your voice.

Produced during the pandemic and shot safely over three days. The production was completed by a small crew of three. Shot across several interior and exterior locations that were art directed and lit to bring commercial quality to this campaign. Still imagery was taken in parallel to establish campaign visuals for print media. Into post production and we crafted a score and sound design to compliment the visuals and enrich the narrative arc of the story.

The film has been well received internally by staff and students alike with fantastic feedback. Our aim is for the film to connect with the principle audience and engage them with the ethos and mandate of Milton Keynes College.
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"The film wouldn’t have been possible without Clearhead, our film production partner, and also the local talent and regional actors who were cast in the film – the creative arts are one of many industries that have been negatively impacted by the pandemic, so we are grateful we were able to support this industry in some way."