Technology startup explainer video

The Challenge

Clearhead were commissioned to create an engaging technology startup explainer video for the launch of, an online wealth manager that offers financial freedom at your fingertips. is available as an app and a website, and offers people access to investments that help them achieve financial goals.


- Collaborative conceptualisation

- Creative treatments

- Film production

- Motion graphics

- Bespoke music


- Brand identity

- Distribution

- Set design & build

The Process

Clearhead were tasked with producing a film that captures the ethos of - a new way of thinking about investing. By creating a world that challenges your perceptions of risk, Gemma Godfrey (CEO of and finance expert) guides us through the process, breaking down the hurdles that we most worry about when it comes to putting our money to work.

The Solution

The creative treatment responded to the call to produce a technology startup explainer video that requires the audience to re-assess what they understand as a risk, but realise that with some guidance from, things are not always what they seem. Optical illusions, performance tricks and musical syncs all add to a production that excites and plays on human emotions throughout.


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