Mr Blanc

The challenge

Teeth whitening has become big business over the past few years. However no-one does teeth whitening as conveniently as the great British brand Mr Blanc - currently available in Boots as well as many high-street retailers. Our challenge was to create a high-end aspirational advert to showcase how Mr Blanc fits into your everyday lifestyle, while highlighting the key benefits of the products.

Focused services


Visual identity elaboration
Treatment development
Location scouting
Art direction
Prop acquirement
Working with voiceover talent
Recording voiceovers in-house
Motion graphics


30-60 second edits for online use and video on demand
Content for use in retailers' point of sale displays

The process

To stage beautiful shots of our protagonists, we sourced and booked locations such as the incredible Sky Lounge in Tower Hill and Youthscape in Luton. We wanted to show a range of scenes that conveyed varied lifestyle scenarios. This helps the audience see how their smile can have a positive impact on all areas of their life.

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