Nexus Commercial launch campaign.

The Challenge.

Clearhead won a competitive pitch process to partner with innovation and research hub, Nexus to create their launch campaign. To create a content campaign to launch Nexus and promote their brand new £40 million facility in the heart of Leeds.

Nexus is the catalyst of world-class research and innovation. Bringing people together to solve global challenges across areas of health, engineering, environment and data. 

Our challenge was to establish and produce a campaign concept and suite of content that could be used across several considered distribution channels. Ranging from the new hero website,  social media channels and several 100" displays located within the entrance to the new innovation hub building. 

Our aim was to inspire and validate the Nexus ethos. To engage their target audience through the use of strong visual motifs that would grab audience attention, stop visitors in their tracks, engage them with informative context and leave them feeling inspired and spellbound by the Nexus proposition.
Play with sound

Play with sound

The Solution.

In pre-production, our team delved into the Creative Chemistry session, an immersive experience where we unearthed the essence of brand personality, audience personas, key messaging, and content KPIs. Creative solutions, as we believe, are born out of a collaborative journey, using our unique framework to pinpoint needs and ignite creative solutions together.

Our focus revolved around the concept of connection through impact. We believe that when elements harmonise, profound and transformative effects emerge. It's the belief that big ideas, much like the impactful visuals we create, start small.

To breathe life into our concept, we captured slow-motion sequences of coloured ink forcefully meeting water, propelled by syringes. The ink, as it collided and blossomed upon separation from the water, created a captivating lava/cloud-like visual effect—a metaphor for the Nexus. Guided by brand guidelines, the colours represented the four key research areas, introducing Launch Nexus to the world. Yet, the metaphorical ink wasn't the entire narrative. To embed the context within the film's messaging and purpose, we designed and 3D printed models representing vital areas, such as infrastructure, transportation, research, and innovation.
In the production phase, we shot the content suite over two intensive filming days. The challenge lay in the unpredictable nature of each ink impact. With standby water tanks and a meticulous resetting process, we pursued perfection, ensuring the ideal result. Simultaneously, our second unit and director handled the hub and help film interviews, allowing us to shoot synergistically and make the most of our time with interviewees.

Post-production, often deemed the easy part, became seamless due to our meticulous preparation. We adhere to the mantra, "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail." With well-managed timelines, clear creative direction, and effective communication, we successfully executed our delivery assets, launching the brand to the world on schedule.

Launching a high-concept campaign entails risks, but our strategic and creative framework, coupled with transparent communication channels and a robust team structure, mitigates these risks. We don't aim to create films just because they "look cool." We strive to make them work for you. Through our approach, we assure our clients of an efficient, effective, and enjoyable experience that surpasses their expectations.
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Our commercial real estate campaign isn't just visuals; it's a strategic symphony creating transformative value for spaces, captivates audiences, and propels businesses into a new era of success.